Let’s start with some knitting ….. above is a picture of my latest sock project. Do you see the camera hog pug in the bottom left corner? I am working on the Oak Ribbed Sock pattern from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks book. Margene gifted me this book – signed, no less! – during our Pal exchange and I am loving it. thanks Margene!!

It is nice to break out and try a new sock style. I found I was becoming a tad stubborn with the thought of doing a different heel. I like the traditional S1K1 heel pattern and was being obstinate about trying anything new. I figure I like the way it fits my foot, why change? Which calls to mind the old adage, “The difference between a rut and a grave is the depth”. Well, this pattern has a French Heel and a Round Toe. I am using Trekking XXL – this particualr Trekking has a definied striping pattern.

Onward to some exciting things ……

Saturday, June 24th, 11AM
Central Park (exact location TBD)

Cara and I are planning an outdoor get together! How about we take our wheels out for a spin? Let’s all flock to Central Park …… RSVP over at Cara’s site – knitters are welcome too!

And now an abrupt ending to this entry because it is 70 degrees outside and I want to get out there …… in closing, if you have asked yourself if I have seen this:

Ann read this!!!

I say

yes, very funny you guys!!!

thanks to Nancy for the marquee fun! She may have been joking when she came up with this little gem, but I think everyone should institute the Ann Alert System ….. it will certainly streamline my blog reading! : )

10 thoughts on “

  1. If we put in on EVERY POST then I’m sure you’ll become complacent, eh? It’s good to try new things from time to time. Your tried and true is always there if the new doesn’t suit.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait for 70 degrees!! I might see 60 today, but it’s cloudy and stormy-feeling and on the verge of windy, and it’ll be downhill from there.

    You are one of the MOST FUN people to tease in the whole wide world. ; )

  3. I’m proud to have come up with the Ann Alert System. I promise to use it sparingly so you don’t start skimming it too!

    I am heading over to Cara’s blog to RSVP. Spinning in the park 3 days before my birthday sounds lovely. I’ll bring my drop spindle so you can all laugh at me.

  4. Hmmmm…I might have to implement the System for Serious Skimmers.

    And I’m *so* giving a link to your Central Park Affair to Bakerina, just in case she hasn’t seen it. I wish I could be there.

  5. Giving the “Spin Out” very serious consideration even though my knitting talent is barely visible. I wouldn’t feel right NOT going living only a sneeze away from the city and all of you allowing me to be a part of your lives via Blogland.

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