The Celia Quinn Spinning Workshop

was fantastic! When I first signed up, I couldn’t imagine how we would fill 8 hours a day for 3 days with learning, but we did and I think we have only scratched the surface. We spun with so many different fibers and different fiber preparations – buffalo, yak, camel, horse (!), silk, quivot ….. and that is just what I can remember as I am typing this – my notes from the weekend are not handy. Anyway, here are some pictures …….

Celia Quinn

P4070005 P4070023
right: a hook spindle
left: combing & diz demo

P4080039 P4090047
right: spinning flax demo
left: spinning cotton with a takli supported spindle & distaff

P4090049 P4090058
right: my takli results!
left: charka demo

dyed silk cocoon and the surprise inside

I think my head is still spinning. I haven’t unpacked my wheel from the travel bag, so I don’t have any sample pictures to show you ….. I could spend the entire week blogging about the past three days and if nothing exciting happens, I think I will!

8 thoughts on “The Celia Quinn Spinning Workshop

  1. Now that I’ve spun my first yarn with my drop spindle, I find everything you’ve written about and what you will be writing about so exciting. Oh the geeks are loose!!

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