the good news: I won a contest at Knitting Fool! although I didn’t guess what the shadow was, her wonderful mother just happened to pick my name from the hat! thanks Kristi & Mom!!

the bad news: I either have a head cold or seasonal allergies. Either way, my eyes are bulgy and my nose is runny. eewww.

the good news: D#2 has made me tea and oatmeal for breakfast. I think I can look forward to a day of her tlc – she has one more day of spring vacation.

the fiber bad news: have made no headway at all in getting those spinning samples off of the bobbin. Also I finished Lauralund – but don’t know if I like the way it fits me. Perhaps a few weeks of WW will change my mind.

the fiber good news: have finished one Oak Ribbed Sock and the other has progressed to the heel. That will be some good mindless knitting for my day in between sneezing.

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  1. I’ve been sneezy and wheezy and puffy-eyed, too. Ick.

    That’s so sweet that your daughter made you breakfast!! I should forward a link to this post to my own…

    ; ) I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Poor baby. Hubby is sick too. I think it is in the air. Don’t you all breathe on me! So nice that your baby is taking care of you.

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