Here are some pictures of the Diagonal Rib Socks I was working on during our weekend of driving. I am using StR in Petroglyphs. I like this pattern and I very much like how stretchy the rib stitch is. I am not sure I like how the colors are pooling, but everyone who sees them really likes what the colors are doing. It seems to be a fact of life with space dyed yarns that this is what happens. oh well, what can you do?


Interesting how all the colors seem to pool on separate sides of the sock, no? I wonder if the same thing will happen on the 2nd sock. As I knit these things, I wonder about the mathematics involved the yarns, both self striping and space dyed. I mean, there has got to be math involved, right? Truly, math is involved in everything. But then I can feel my brain starting to fizzle. Then I quickly switch topics because I don’t want to hurt myself!


I don’t think that the yarn is doing the pattern stitch justice. Here is a closer look. Another great pattern from Ann Budd ……


On the homefront, there is not much news to report. D#1 has one more week of classes and then finals begin. It is hard to believe that her first year of college is almost over. gah! She is hoping to find a summer job on campus so the good times can keep rolling on. She says it’s not that she doesn’t love us, it’s just that she really loves college! D#2 is studying hard for upcoming AP exams – she is giving herself an ulcer! When Cara was here, she couldn’t believe the freakish amount of studying. Kids need to loaf around more!

This morning I am hosting a birthday brunch for a friend. Very poor planning since tonight is my WW weigh in. Or, maybe it was a stroke of genius ….. I am not sure what the scale will say tonight. This weekend, I got a tad carried away with snacking in the car and the street festival had fried dough, which my religion dictates I must always eat when available …… furthermore in the past I have been an every-other-week type of loser, so we shall see.

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  1. Don’t like it. There I said it. I would definately try another pattern. I am sorry you put so much work into it but that is just too much pooling. In my opinion. Have a lovely brunch.

  2. I think the pooling is taking away from the pattern. But I love the way the pooling looks, honestly! As for WW, just go with the flow. It’s the long haul that really counts.

  3. In Tina’s last newsletter she did a whole thing on math and pooling. I’ll send you a copy if I can find it.

    Tell D#2 I said to STOP! SAVE HERSELF!

  4. I disagree. In the upclose pictures the pattern is visable and the pooling is interesting not distracting. But, it is up to you if you like it or not. Poor kids today…all work and no play!

  5. I love the pooling, but I never try to control the yarn, I just let it be who it is. I don’t think it takes away from the pattern at all. In fact I think the pattern seems to pop in those big swaths of color.

  6. Gotta tell you I’m with Kathleen on this. I am not crazy about he pooling and the pattern is lost with this yarn.

    I didn’t know we were the same religion! Did I ever tell you I make a mean funnel cake?

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