ABC Along …. G!

I think I am behind on this “along”. I was thinking all last week about what could be my G and couldn’t come up with anything. Our weekend trip provided some good G …..

on the way home we stopped in the Corning Glass Museum. This is a stop I love to make – the shop is great and I usually find a Christmas present or two ….. and yes, I have already started my shopping!

The thing is, glass is really hard to get a picture of, especially when it’s hanging in your kitchen window ……..

blurry little rooster stained glass
I just remembered, I found this at Rooster Hill Winery

I also go some new kitchen glasses. I really like their size – not gigantic, but not teeny either. If I were to serve a bunch of knitters some iced tea, do you think they would fight over which glass they got?

and the rear view!

8 thoughts on “ABC Along …. G!

  1. Awww…cute glasses. Chicken picture–a little blurry. Maybe you can get Cara to take the picture. :) HOw was the w.e.? Did L behave herself? When ya comin’ ova?

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