Hip Hip Hooray …

For FA in PA!!!
how about a little sockie sugar for FA in the comments?

if you’ve come around here for awhile, you know that FA in PA is one of my Aunts in Pennsylvania. You will also know that while she is a very talented knitter, she got stuck in a knitted dishcloths rut. (I should buy her Ann & Kay’s book!)

Well, that phase is over – check out the socks she knit! YAY for FA!! She used the two circular method and we had many hilarious phone conversations when it came time to separate the stitches for the gusset. I am almost sorry she got good at them, now I’m not talking to her everyday!

hope everyone has a great time in Maryland! Our town is having its own Sheep to Shawl Festival this weekend.

9 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray …

  1. HOORAY FOR FA IN PA AND THOSE GORGEOUS SOCKS! That FA in PA! The best thing to come out of PA! Well, except me. And I guess you. ;-)

  2. Sa-weeeeet! Yay FA!! Here I was thinkin’ I’d be clickin’ to see a pair of socks — and there are THREE! Are you slippin’ some dishcoth action in between socks? I wouldn’t blame you — nothing wrong with a good warshcloth!

    So, Ann, do you actually go the Sheep to Shawl Festival? And do you knit there??

  3. The socks are lovely. That Sheep to Shawl Festival sounds wonderful. I always loved Huntington. One of my daughters is very proud to say that she was born there.

  4. Go FA in PA those socks are fantastic!

    Damn Ann that Sheep to Shawl thing sounds like fun why are you telling me now when I have already made plans? I might have talked the husband into driving out for it.

  5. Thank you, one and all, for all the accolades. Without my mentor, Purling Swine, there would be no socks. So, THREE CHEERS FOR FNinNY!

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