my friend Mary

a long while ago it seems, I posted this entry. Take a moment to read it – it is all about my friend Mary and knitting one of those baby fruit caps. Well, my plan worked ….. check out the pictures that Mary just sent me. She whipped this baby up for her friend’s daughter …… and she reconfigured the pattern!

Yellowmonkey4 Yellowmonkey6
how about some monkey love for Mary in the comments?
wow, that sounds kind of …. wrong somehow ;)

5 thoughts on “my friend Mary

  1. Ann, you mover & shaker! Look at what a good influence you are!

    Mary, the monkey is adorable! I love the little heart! Well deserving of a little monkey love!!

  2. Mary, Mary…isn’t there a song that starts that way?? Anyway, I knew you were contagious, Ann. Congrats to Mary. A great edition.

  3. I love the monkey! RECONFIGURING patterns – yikes – gives me shivers just thinking of it. Mary, you and PS must share knitting genes— along with all those secrets.

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