Mom, I’m home!

Elf_cap002_edited Elf_cap003_edited
Elf Cap from Handknit Holidays using Brora Softspun

This was a quick project. It called for Cascade Magnum, but I used yarn from my stash held double. I like it, D#2 likes it. But I do want to try another one using the Cascade. Which will mean buying size 15 double pointeds! egads.

We had a pretty low key weekend around here. Took a road trip on Saturday to see a horse show, hung out and got odd jobs accomplished yesterday. I didn’t even make it to our local Sheep to Shawl Festival! Today I am going to visit with Kathleen and see all of her recent house construction.

Did I tell you that D#1 will not be coming home this summer? Her finals finished on Saturday and her summer job on campus begins on Wednesday. Originally she had applied for a RA position in a summer program for high school students that runs at the college. That job would have run the length of the program, which I think was five weeks or so. She did not get that job, but instead got another one which involves assisting in organizing, running and setting up for all of the summer programs on campus. Therefore this job takes up much more of the summer. She has requested a weekend or two off, but really won’t be home except for two weeks in August.

believe it or not, I am pretty good with all of this. It will be great for her – more independant living and $$ earning. And it will also mean no negotiating new living together terms for the newly independant daughter home from college. It is so easy to live with your newly independant college aged daughter when she doesn’t actually come home.

I will never forget my first summer home from college. …. I was going out to meet some friends, and my mother calls out “have fun and be home by 11”. ??? I believe I actually laughed out loud.

12 thoughts on “Mom, I’m home!

  1. That hat reminds me a lot of the “Meathead” hat I knit so long ago… remember that?… except bigger. It’s cute. Katie just unearthed a vest I made as a shop sample using Cascade Magnum — I like that yarn, but maybe not as a vest. ; )

  2. Awww…she looks cute. Good thing my mom never cared about curfews and all. My brothers had put her through it all. :) And Vicki’s right, it does kinda look like a meathead.

  3. Sounds like a good plan for the summer. Please tell me that I’ll be ready for that stuff when my daughter reaches that age! :-)

    The hat’s cute!

  4. No one has more fun with knitting than you do!
    I can one up you on the mom thing…my mom saw me hug my boy friend. I was 18 and had lived away from home for several months. She called me in the house to tell me that’s where babies came from. (????????)

  5. Cute hat! My mom and I always got along wonderfully. Until my first summer home from college. I can still remember the screaming fights we had. Yikes.

  6. We did away with the curfew after graduation. I figured he’d be out all hours once he got to college, so whatever. The only rule is that he has to be QUIET when he comes in. Even when he stays home, he’s going to bed as I’m getting up. I hope he gets a night shift job when he graduates!

  7. I agree, I have a great relationship now with my son who’s in college since he has his own place, he comes home weekly and sits and talks with me!!!! Who’d have ever thought I’d see that day.

  8. I love him dearly, but my older son could never live here – he would make me crazy. We tried it for a couple of weeks once . . . Now, my 11-year-old – I can see the time rushing by, and I never want him to go. :)

    What a great hat!

    I know it’s a delicate subject, but – was there poo?

  9. that hat is one big hershey kiss! I want to EAT IT !
    And tell the truth, Now that you are a mom don’t you feel a bit guilty for lol at your momma?

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