dear Evelyn, I know this may seem sudden……


I cast on for Evelyn Clark’s Trellis Scarf using some Zephry from my stash. Last night I became absolutely desparate to knit some lace. I really really wanted to cast on for Cheryl Oberle’s Irish Diamond Shawl, but I don’t have enough yardage for that one. It turns out someone I know wants to get that one on the needles too, as well as some bloggless friends of mine ….. do I smell a knit along?

But back to the trellis scarf – I am 18 rows into this (because of crazy pattern searching, knitting did not commence until 10 pm) and am loving it. Does anyone know if Evelyn Clark is married? if not, I loverhersomuch, I want to marry her. Her patterns are fantastic – not a bomb in the bunch.

A few of you have inquired about Spencer and his ‘poo’ status ……. His poo status is sterling. He is churning them out. However, he seems to have not quite gotten his appetite back. We have not been giving him grain since the colic, but he has been having hay and outdoor grazing. Well, the outdoor grazing he loves, but the hay not so much. For reasons that you need to go to vet school to understand, the hay thing is important …. they want to see lots of hay munching before he can go back on grain. The vet is coming back today to have another look.

9 thoughts on “dear Evelyn, I know this may seem sudden……

  1. Desperate to knit lace… that cracks me up. ; )

    Yay for Spencer! Maybe if there were some carrot sticks or apple slices hidden in the hay… (gimme a break, I’m trying to think like a horse).
    ; )

  2. I know what you mean about Evelyn Clark. I was thumbing through my pattern binder the other day when I happened to notice that every single Fiber Trends pattern I’ve purchased is hers. Every single one. There is something special with this woman.

  3. I loved knitting the Irish Diamond shawl, and it came out very well. In fact, it’s probably the shawl that gets worn most out of all my lace shawls.

  4. I love Evelyn Clarke’s patterns as well. One of the thrills of my life – I knit one of her scarves as a gift for a lady in my knitting group who had given me Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitting book. She wore it to lunch with a friend, who commented on how lovely it was and how nicely it was done. The friend? Evelyn Clarke! Be still my heart.

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