I am groovin’ on this pattern! Now that the initial trauma of the K7tog instructions are behind me, I am really enjoying this project. From yesterday’s comments, I am surmising that I am not the only one to have never seen let alone knit 7 together. The exact instructions for the K7tog are these:

K7tog and leave these sts on the needle, yo, knit the same 7 sts tog again and leave them on the needle, yo, knit the same 7 sts tog once more and slip sts from needle – 7 sts dec’d to 5.

So you can see that you are not just simply knitting them together, but are further messing around with them. If you plan to make this project, here are my two most helpful tips: the instructions advise you to purl this cluster of 7 sts loosely on the previous row. Crucial! This combined with pointier needles (which I picked up at Granny’s yesterday) have made the K7 easier to deal with. I started this project using my Addi’s but have switched over to Susan Bates Quicksilvers. The tips are pointier and a bit longer. I am also enjoying the woosh woosh sound they are making! Here is a close up of the result.

Would you like to see what else I got at Granny’s? It really isn’t all that much considering how much time I sat there yapping away with Kathleen and Granny.


The Blizzard is to make another Elf Hat. I think that project will be much cuter in something closer to the yarn that is called for. The pattern uses Cascade Magnum on 15’s and the Blizzard also uses 15’s. It is incredibly soft and cozy.

Granny surprised me with a Mother’s Day gift of the needles – check out the glittery tips on the addi dpns! Nothing says Mother’s Day like glittery tips. It’s not enough I am knitting an elf hat, now I will be stylin with disco needles! I ♥ Granny.

And here is a closer look at the button I picked up. It is so cool and smooth to the touch that I may just carry it around with me all day!

of course, that sounds like I am going somewhere today ….. with the exception of picking up D#2 after school and taking her to the bookstore, I am staying put.

gotta knit that lace!

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  1. I know it’s been said before,but I’ll add to it a bit. Anyone who can crack the code on k7tog without losing all her hair, regaining the weight she has lost (huzzah!) or permanently alienating her family with prolonged screaming is my kind of hero. Damn, woman. :)

    (Incidentally, I’ve been very lurky, and bad at replying to the email you and others have been nice enough to send to me. It’s work-based insanity, and it will send soon, I promise.)

  2. Errr, that should have been “end soon,” not “send soon.” I blame the touchpad on the spiffy new laptop, which is resisting all my efforts to calibrate it to my own lazy thumbs’ specifications. It’s not — not — because the grooves in my brain are smoothing out, making me thicker and slower in the process. Stop looking at me like that.

  3. Heh, that Cara… I’m getting the feeling that diamonds are that girl’s best friend! ; )

    Smashing! That k7tog is totally worth it — love the result!

  4. Holy schmoly. I thought you were kidding about the k7tog thing. I mean, it looks great and all, but really… Evelyn, really …

  5. Oh crap! Mother’s day! Thanks for the reminder! Funny, I’m a Mom and I forgot it’s THIS weekend. I better get my Mom something asap.

    Those k7tog instructions look scary!! Eeeeep.

  6. I’m having kind of the same headachy reaction to the sight of “K7tog” – I just can’t imagine how that is done. It’s a lovely effect, though.

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