Happy Mother’s Day!

Historically speaking, I have always planned our Mother’s Day activities. I usually get on the phone with my mother in law and we figure out who is going to have brunch or a bbq, what we will serve etc. Well, this year MiL will be in Florida visiting with her daughter, Boar’s sister who has recently moved there.

The Boar understands all of these facts on their own. I was not convinced however that taken as a whole, he understood the implication …… Ann, the mother of my children, is not planning Mother’s Day this year. My first impulse was to wait him out and see what happens.

This of course, is a fight just waiting to happen. I have paid way too much in marriage counseling to not recognize an idea with so much stink all over it. Boar is not a mind reader. Even if the print is extra large and it is practically written in the sky.

So in an adult like manner, I put all the pieces together for him. Just in case it still doesn’t work, I also inform D#2 – the only one of my progeny who will be here.

I was very pleased when Boar said to me the next day that he had come up with a ‘meal plan’ for the day. doesn’t that sound like cafeteria talk? meal plan?? Internally, I giggle and make a mental note to tell all of the girlfriends that one.

Boar says he is going to prepare Shrimp Scampi for me! He is thrilled and very proud of himself. Much in the manner of your preschooler handing you macaroni art. I am quite sure that Boar has never seen me eat shrimp scampi or even heard me talk about shrimp scampi in all of the years we are married. It’s not that I don’t like shrimp scampi —- I could really care less about shrimp scampi. I would rather eat a bowl of cereal.

But he is so pleased, that I act pleased and we discuss the shrimp scampi. He says that he will also make some salad since the scampi will blow my diet all to hell. He talks about other scampi related things. He’s really pleased with himself and I am happy that he is going to do something.

I finally say to him, “What made you think of shrimp scampi?”

He says, “I’ve really been in the mood for it!”

ladies, it does not end there ………

I say to him, “you see Boar, when you are planning a meal in honor of someone else, you usually think about what they would like to eat and then you make that.”

He starts laughing, thinks for a few minutes and then says really excitedly, “oh, I know I know —- how about Corned Beef and Cabbage?”

and he was not joking.

does it go without saying that Corned Beef & Cabbage is another of Boar’s most favorite meals?

ps. a good friend informed him that he had better produce some French Toast or there would be hell to pay.

14 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I’ve given up on my husband, our anniversary, my birthday and Mothers Day is in the end of April and May. He can never remember any of them. I can even write it on the calender and he will still forget.

  2. This would be why my ideal Mother’s Day is spent alone. I send my husband to his grandmother’s with the kids, but only after he has gone to IHOP to get my breakfast.

    This year I think I’m going to have hime drop me at the movies!

  3. I’m so used to having Mother’s Day without DH… this is the first time in more than a dozen years that he’ll be here!

    This sort of reminds me of the Hallmark commercial they’ve been running with people reading aloud the Mother’s Day cards they gave as children… ‘You’re the best mom in the world. Thanks for not making your meatloaf anymore. Love, Timmy’

    ; )

  4. Fear not! They can be taught! On my 25th birthday my husbad threw a party for me with all of his favorite foods – Zorns fried chicken, an ice cream cake with his favorite flavor (he claimed no one else liked my fave which is mint chocolate chip). This year he took me out for my favorite – Fondue! He hates it but was oh so graceful.

  5. hahahaha i’ve been laughing since “macaroni art” THIS is the kind of bloggin I want and NEED from you annie! Have a happy Mothers Day, No matter what is on your plate! I love ya! xo

  6. LOL! Men!! That y chromosome has a weird effect! Shrimp scampi (and a salad) because he was hungry for it!

    **maybe your daughter will help to salvage the meal??**

    Happy Mother’s Day, Ann!!

  7. My older one is going to be out of town, and my younger one is only 11. No meals for me, but I think we’ll play board games all day. :)

    MMMM, Scampi. :P

  8. Hmm – is this sort of like dropping hints all over the place about the perfect gift and still getting something (not sure what yet) from Lowes?

  9. Poor Boar! Not thinking so good!

    But on the bright side, when they do a lameass Mother’s Day, it really takes the pressure off for Father’s Day, don’t it?

    xox Kay

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