After yesterday’s post where I detailed everything I wasn’t knitting, Margene asked what exactly was on the needles.

When we left off, I had encountered a bit of weirdness in the Irish Diamond Shawl pattern charts. I exchanged emails with Wendy. Bless her heart, she took the time to look at her shawl and the pattern and sure enough, there is an extra stitch on the one side. The pattern is not centered exactly and is off by one stitch. Right now I am mulling over whether I am just that type of crazy to let this bother me ….. combined with the fact that after all this staring at pictures of this shawl I am not convinced I will use it. So that project is marinating.

Yes, it has been three short days since I had my knitting spring cleaning and already I have a project on hold!

During this whole thing, I cast on for Kiri using some Rowan Kidsilk Hace (in villian!) that I had in my stash ….

P6020001 P6020002
please tell me that this will look beautiful in
the end and not at all like something I pulled from my bathtub drain!

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  1. Whether you’ll use the Irish Diamond Shawl or not is one thing, but from where I sit I’d say the type of crazy that would let the ever so slight asymetry of the design bother you is different from your type of crazy. Really.

  2. The Kiri pattern is beautiful, and I’m sure your one will look just as good, but I was laughing so hard at your “something out the bathtub drain” the first time I looked, that I had to look at it again. It does look very pretty, I love the pattern

  3. I love Carole’s “lunch lady hairnet” description… I think a lightweight black shawl would be quite the handy thing to have!!

    Three days and you’re already marinating new stuff — you crack me up. ; )

  4. Gotta go with Rachel H on the type of crazy you are. Now that you know it’s the pattern and not you it can be embraced as a non-conformist shawl. It choose not to be perfectly center. Just a bit cock-eyed. Sounds like someone I know;)

    I’m liking Kiri, maybe that’s what I should use my Kid Silk Haze for. I’m dying to cast on something with it but I just haven’t found it so far. Kiri has potential.

  5. Kee hee hee. The stuff I pull out of my drain doesn’t look that good. Yours is from a GOURMET drain!

    I’m sure blocking will eliminate any plumbing comparisons. But you know what I’ll be thinking when you do present FO pictures …

  6. I think I would have to see more of it to give you an answer. Right now, I am on the fence. It looks like it has potential but I definitely understand the drain analogy.

  7. I live with two teenage boys, trust me when I say this does not look like something that would come out of a bathtub drain. (You don’t want to know) I think your shawl will be lovely!

  8. My BIL had loooong black curly hair…I think your Kiri will be lovely and elegant. Just saying, I started Birch on a Denise needle–whose points are nice enough–but the damn cable broke on a flight to gay Paris!

  9. I know from personal experience, it will look so freakin’ beautiful you can’t stand it.

    But it’s not my problem that you picked the same color as HAIR.

    xox Kay

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