I’m knitting p*ssy ….

A funny thing happened last night and when I called Cara to tell her about it she said I should totally blog it. She said, “if you don’t blog about it, you’ll be such a p*ssy” (can you believe the mouth on that girl?)

And now Kay has agreed with her.

So here goes …..

Last night I was at a friend’s house and I was working on Kiri. (take a moment to look at the picture in yesterday’s entry). I told her about my post yesterday and how I thought it looked like something clogging the bathroom drain. But I’m hoping it will block out.

My friend does not hold much hope for the blocking process but agrees that it looks exactly like pubic hair. Furthermore now that she has gone through menopause, a little ‘bush toupee’ wouldn’t be a bad thing. That after The Change, things had gotten a bit sparse and gray. ahem

She puts on her best Australian accent and says I could start a business with these things – knit them and market them to middle aged women with the name ‘Outback Bush Wigs’.

at which point I suggested ‘Down Under Rugs’

and then we peed our pants.

14 thoughts on “I’m knitting p*ssy ….

  1. Sure. Once Kay says it’s okay…. You guys are nuts. Wish I was there. ;-)

    (PS – The way you guys keep letting the urine flow, maybe you should think about knitting some Depends.)

  2. depends….granny and I always say we are changing our depends when we use the dirty bathroom at the shoppe. (it hasn’t been clean since you abandoned us!) Keep going on the pubes. It’ll be lovely.

  3. Guess what? Someone already beat you to it. Google the word “merkin.” No, it’s not a joke. Now try to insert the word “merkin” into as many everyday conversations as possible. “Sure, I’d love to meet you for drinks at P.J. McPickleshitters, but I’ve gotta condition my merkin.” Works every time.

  4. Since when am I some kind of authority figure?

    I think I have a ball of KSH in ‘Fake Dirty Blond’ around here SOMEWHERES. xox Kay

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