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Poe has a crazy love affair going with his tennis ball. Any tennis ball actually. He gets really really crazy about it. He loves to have it thrown so he can run and catch it. No matter where I am or what I am doing, if he has this ball, he wants me to play too. When I am spinning, he will drop it on my feet, when I am in the bathtub, he plops it in there with me. This morning as I was swimming laps in the pool, he kept dropping it at either end.

What these pictures don’t capture is the high pitched whining, almost a hum and his quivering body. He vibrates with this thing!

He’s nuts. And he makes all of us nuts with the ball, until we get fed up and then have to hide it from him. At which point he trots all around the house, humming, quivering and sniffing. Sniffing, sniffing.

And then he finds it!

The only successful hiding spot is in the dog food bin.

I swear he’s part bloodhound.

and part pain in the ass

12 thoughts on “I is for

  1. This is not what I’ve been waiting to see… they are cute pictures, I’ll give you that, but if you’re thinking I’ll forget just because you post cute, crazy puppy pictures, you can just think again! (And I’m sure I know someone who will back me up on this.) ; )

    Meanwhile, can a bug-eyed dog be even more bug-eyed with intense, quivering excitement? Cuz I swear, he is! That second picture is a hoot.

  2. I have two pugs, too. A fawn and a black (both females). The fawn one is definitely the typical laid back clown pug, while the black one is nervous jumpy and high strung!

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