We had a picture perfect day! It started off being overcast and threatening rain, but by the time their train arrived, the skies had cleared up to make way for one of those perfect early summer afternoons, beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

I spent lots of the afternoon holding a completely charming, always smiling Xavier …

how cute is he??

and swimming of course!


Look at all the fun Cara had ….. what a minute, what the hell …… ??

19 thoughts on “

  1. AH HA HA HA HA! Did Cara melt?!

    We had a wonderful time, and you are just the best hostess. Thank you so much for *everything*. We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to do it again this summer.

    Jen, X, and O

  2. I see you still like to talk people into skinny dipping! Remember the time we were all skinny dipping and your mom came outside? Lynne couldn’t get to her suit cause it was on the grass! Oh and of course when Terry and I used your hot tub and almost locked ourselves out of the house! I had to go to the front door to get in! Thankfully I did have a towel!

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