How about some pictures of the Spin Out?

Spin_out007 Spin_out020 Spin_out019

It turned out to be a great day! Cara tells me she ended up with 40 signatures on the sign in list and there were probably a few more besides. As you know, things were a bit uncertain at first because of our stormy weather, but an indoor space was found and the show went on! btw, the building was gorgeous. People seemed to really enjoy it, I know I did! It was great to see everyone spinning away and also a sizeable amount of people trying it for the first time.

I also had a number of people ask me for information about my Spinning Guild – which is fantastic and I cannot say enough good things about. Long Island Spinning Study Group meets the third Wednesday of every month in the Smithtown’s historic Brush Barn. (you can google that for directions) At last month’s meeting there were about 40 people. It is a fantastic, fun and very smart group. The meeting officially starts at 7, but people show up earlier for extra spinning time. There is always someone more experienced to help with any problems/questions. The guild hosts yearly workshops and every meeting has an interesting program. If you are close by, or even if you aren’t and are interested in spinning it is definitely worth checking out! Next month’s meeting is a dinner, so if I’ve gotten you interested, plan on coming to the August meeting instead.

I have finished sock #1 of the Dimple Socks and am onto #2. I am still mulling over my lace project options …..

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  1. I like that… “When’s the next one?” Has anyone asked Cara that question?? ; )

    Great pics, Ann, and a nice write-up about your guild — sounds like fun!

  2. and a great time was had by all! Thanks for the pictures – I was there in spirit! Hmm, a spinning guild? I don’t think we have one here yet. I’ll have to think about that!

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