Did you know that I am still doing Weight Watchers? That I have put a running tally on my sidebar? I haven’t pointed it out before because for the past three weeks I have been playing around with the same 1½ pounds. It’s very frustrating when that happens. Well, this week I have gotten past that! look to the right and you’ll see…….

Yes, I have now officially lost 19.6 pounds! and I swear that if I had used the bathroom once more before last night’s meeting ended, the other .4 would have come off.

For the past three weeks, I have sat in that meeting and listened to this one guy talk about a mantra that has worked for him. Let me just say that the word mantra makes me suspicious. It instantly puts me on edge – it seems all new age, touchy feely and I have a very deep vein of practicality. So when I first heard this guy talking about his mantra, I thought to myself what a moron. I think I may have even whispered the same to my girlfriend who is doing WW too.

Then the following week where I had gone up a bit and was sitting there all cranky & pissed, someone else spoke up about the mantra. About how the first guy inspired them and they tried the mantra and it worked. I had a brief thought of oh great now there’s two morons. But the proof is in the pudding (ha! gotta love a fat girl slinging food puns all around the place) and I gave it a try.

And then there were three morons. Sure enough at last night’s meeting I spoke up about the mantra.

I suppose I should tell you the mantra. Who among us doesn’t have a few pounds to lose?

Here it is ….. every day, a couple of times throughout the day I say out loud, I Am Going To Lose Two Pounds This Week!

I have very high hopes of making it to the twenty pound mark next week and would like to honor the occasion by having another contest! email me at purlingswine@yahoo.com and tell me your best mantra …..

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  1. YAY!!!!! I also had a good loss at WW this week. I am now only 4 lbs from goal. It must have been all of that spinning and the Olly Olly Oxen Free ;-)

  2. I’m down 31 pounds as of this morning! I actually just did the math, because I was sure if I had hit 25 yet – and I’m at 31!!!

    WOW! Go cece!!!!!

    Oh. And also awesome for Ann! Being less fat is fun. That’ smy mantra.

  3. Ok – I was wrong. It’s 26 pounds. I was doing the doctor scale weight starting weight instead of my ‘home’ scale. But 26 is still awesome.

    : )

  4. Repeat after me.. it’s all good, it’s all good, it’s all good. No matter how much things may stink at the moment I always have to believe that I’ll get through it and things will improve. therefore – it’s all good.

  5. You wanna know the mantra that has worked the best for me? “I don’t smoke.” That’s what got me back to WW, though, so perhaps that’s not what you’re looking for…

    But, your new moronic mantra must work by osmosis or something because guess how much I lost last week? TWO FREAKIN’ POUNDS! ; )

    Congrats to you, darlin’.

  6. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! I’m also on WW (well, does it count if you’ve completely fallen off the wagon, but still pay for the online membership?) and need to refocus! Lost 30 lbs though, and I don’t THINK I’ve gained any back since then. We bought a house (STRESS!) and moved, so it will be a new scale, and we need to start a gym membership… While I’m crossing my fingers for you to hit -20 this week, cross your fingers for me to MAINTAIN until we join the gym… ;)

    congrats again :)

  7. My best mantra, which I reserve for times when I am overwhelmed by too many things that need to get done in too short a time, is “I have enough time to do everything I need to do.” Repeat. Breathe. Works for me!

  8. congratulations! i haven’t progressed since my 12 lbs down over a month ago. but that’s because i’m not motivated. my head isn’t in it. and tomorrow i’m leaving to see my family, fatter than they’ve ever seen me ever ever ever. oh well.

    my mantra? i don’t have one. maybe that’s my problem.

  9. wow! way to go girl! hooray for you.

    my mantra(s)…they change. “one day at a time”, “one moment at a time”, “stop talking when im on the phone”…oopps, is that last one a mantra? i say it out loud many times a day (to my daughter)….

  10. Congrats Ann!

    The “mantra”. Well, what you tell yourself (about yourself), what you think about (yourself)is what happens. For example, if you tell yourself you’re stupid, can’t remember anything, are worthless – then that’s what you become. If you tell yourself you’re successful, intelligent, etc – that’s what you become. There’s a saying in the company I work for – “What you think about, you bring about.”

    Anyway. Keep telling yourself you’re going to lose the weight. You’re doing great!! :-)

  11. Congratulations on the loss! I have been doing WW since January — are you doing core or flex. I am *just* starting the exercise this week. Don’t have a mantra except this — “knit more, eat less.”

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