where’s the rest of it?

Kimono Shawl
Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle
yarn: Zephry

I really thought I would have lots more done on this by the time I took this picture. I thought I would awe and amaze you all with my progress. That your jaws would go slack and your mind would boggle. I thought you would then know the true time implications of being at an away horse show for five days.

For knitters, rows are like the rings on a tree – they must certainly indicate endless minutes turning into endless hours.

I never once considered the effects of high humidity on my gauge, not to mention the torrential rain. By the third day, I had given up all hope of knitting.

that was about the time the soft sobbing began.

7 thoughts on “where’s the rest of it?

  1. It’s tough to knit in this weather. We’re even humid here in teh desert! You’re on a lace roll and that shawl is growing nicely. You can’t wear it now anyway so relax and enjoy making holes when you can.

  2. I don’t expect to knit at horse shows anymore, to much dust and dirt. I would knit in the evening after we would get back to the hotel.
    Don’t feel bad, now you still get to play with the yarn. :-)

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