my ipod gave me a bald spot

For her 16th birthday, D#2 received an ipod upgrade. She is thrilled. And I received her ipod castoff – her lime green mini ipod.

I have spent the past six hours (at least!) trying to figure this damn thing out. So far I have

  1. accidentally ripped the wire from one set of ear phones
  2. fought with Boar over the semantics of playlist vs. folder
  3. fought with Boar over the semantics of podcast vs. music.
  4. continued fighting with Boar over aforementioned semantics even after a common ground has been established.
  5. listened to Garrison Keillor and Brenda Shayne and a reading of the NY Times front page.

this thing is extremely frustrating – any and all advise welcome. Especially if you can explain to me why these knitting podcasts keep going into a music folder. Do you have any great sites I should know about? I am using itunes, but am willing to jump ship at a moment’s notice.

9 thoughts on “my ipod gave me a bald spot

  1. I’d stick with itunes because it’s designed to work best with the ipod. You can create folders and playlists and name them whatever you want, though. So you can name a playlist named “podcasts” and put them all in there. Does this make sense at all? I’ve had ipods for years – email me if you’re confused and I might be able to help.

  2. All this new-fangled stuff… I used to be so on top of technology and now… well, I can barely figure out how to use iTunes and play a podcast on my computer — or find a song that I downloaded (with money, so it’s all legal and stuff) so I can play it again! Maybe it’s easier with an actual iPod (then again…).

    The fighting part is funny (and familiar — especially #4)!

  3. I’ve been an iTunes and iPod user for a while as well. Podcasts and Audiobooks go into the iTunes Music folder because the name of the folder predates the podcasts.

    I buy audiobooks at Audible, get some music from iTunes and some from eMusic. There are some great podcasts out there. And Project Gutenburg has audiobooks for free download as well!

  4. you know i am no help. i have the nano and still get lost turning it on etc. and we know that i can’t program even my phone. i am hopeless. can’t d#2 give you a tutorial? it’s her ipod after all

  5. Itunes search engine sucks. Try podcast pickle instead. You’ll get more of what you’re looking for.

    I don’t bother with folders or playlists, I just bung the stuff on there and let the ipod sort it out for me.

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