Not only were my dreams telling me to dust of Ye Olde Lendrumme, my calendar said the same. Tonight is our Explorer’s Club meeting. This is a smaller group from the spinning guild, that meets to try out and discuss different breeds, preparation methods etc.


This month’s project was icelandic wool. The packets we were given had the wool already washed and separated into the outer and inner coats. Other members of this club will try out different prep methods, I however, have only one available, so through the drum carder it all goes.

P7290113 P7290115 P7290116
fiber going into the carder, blending the colors & coming out!

It really has been a long while since I’ve spun and it took me a few minutes to get my groove on. I spun both of these using the long draw method. The skein on the left is the fiber from the outer coat – this I Andean plyed. I actually almost had a spinning nightmare. I have all of this fiber wrapped around my hand and it was humid enough in the room that it kept sticking to me and would not unwind itself. On top of it all, I had on my ipod and almost andean plyed my earphone cords! On the right is the skein from the inner coat. I left it as a single and I am proud to say that it is my first deliberate attempt at laceweight!


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