sometimes a cigar is a drop spindle

Thank you so much for your ipod suggestions. I think I have figured it out, but I could probably stand to finesse it somewhat. For instance, I have subscribed to the NY Times front page podcast. Do I have to manually update this feed everyday and then manually drop it into my playlist, or will configuring the settings to do it be enough? D#2 tells me that when I want to update things into the ipod, I have to re-insert the white cable thing that connects the ipod to the laptop. This seems ungraceful at best and I suspect there has to be another way.

It is quiet here at Chez Swine. High humidity, so me and the dogs are laying around. panting.

I had a dream last night —- I was laying on my back with my arms outstretched and using a drop spindle. After a rough start, I was doing a pretty good job.

do you think Freud would agree that I need to dust off my Lendrum?

8 thoughts on “sometimes a cigar is a drop spindle

  1. most definately and knit john a vest and visit us at granny’s and….hmmm…lost my train of thought. good luck with the ipod. oh…your laptop–fixed?

  2. I bought an iPod Shuffle. It doesn’t have settings which is good for me. Good luck.
    Dust off the spindle! I’m having a good time and will some day (in the far future) be an expert.

  3. I’m still learning mine, but I do think you have to plug that cord into the computer to update it. Does it poot out the old one when you get a new one? Or do you have to delete it? I had to delete some stuff, and it made me crazy. You have to do everything through the computer, I THINK, which is disappointing to me somehow. And the earwires – I am EXPERT at tangling them. But it makes walking to the grocery store go so much faster, yay!

  4. Yup, you have to connect the ipod. The podcast itself should download automatically but then you have to connect the ipod to upload it onto the device.

  5. Ungraceful. Interesting. Never thought of it that way but you may have a point. Now if I leave my cable plugged into the computer and just plug the ipod onto that, it automatically updates for me. I wish I could be all impressive and heroic and tell you expertly why that is, but I can’t. I have it set to manually eject the ipod, so whatever it gains in the initial plugin it surely loses on the dismount since I have to select “eject Roxanne” (roxanne is my ipod’s name.) before I can safely unplug. Or before I can really tell how charged she is. So you see I’m no damned help at all. Actually, let’s blame this on apple. Surely it’s the Ipod’s fault it’s so unweildy and not that I’m ignorant.

  6. iPod, schmiPod… I’m sure Freud would agree that something should be dusted. ; )

    Hehe. Didn’t expect to hear from me, didja? DIDJA?? Yep, I’m here in the boonies, and I’m on dial-up (*gasp*)… it’s true, people still have it and PAY for it… amazing what 4.5 (or 5.5, or what it 7.5) margaaaaritas do for patienece.
    ; )

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