pass the salt


I didn’t intend to take a blogging break, it kind of snuck up on me. I found myself with nothing really to say and that kind of thing can take hold. Although I did notice that not posting everyday got me loads of comments! and I am a comment whore. ;)

You may be surprised to hear that I am doing some Christmas knitting. I don’t usually knit Christmas gifts – as a matter of fact I become hostile at the thought. I can feel my blood pressure rising even as I sit here thinking about it! Before I work myself up into a lather, let’s just say I try to only knit for people who will value all the effort and time that goes into a handknit gift.

So here I am knitting a Christmas present or two and where does that leave the blog? These people also read purlingswine, so I can’t chance it and post pictures. The logcabin square above is going to be the back of a present. The front is an intarsia piece. I really enjoyed knitting both. I used a variety of tweed yarns and am loving the wooly smell. I keep pausing between rows to sniff my knitting. I probably spent more time smelling it than I did actually knitting!

Do you remember when Cara first caught logcabin fever? How she raved about it? I couldn’t understand why she was so enraptured. It seemed like such a humble and simple technique, that it could cause such passion was beyond me. It would be like a great chef raving about celery. It’s celery for christsakes. We had many conversations where she would try to explain to me why she loved it so much. I just did not get it. She said it was like jazz music. I confessed to not really getting jazz either. Kay tried. I remained unmoved. I turned away and worked on my lace projects and tried to ignore the hubbub.

So yesterday I tell her that I spent the weekend working on a logcabin square. And she puts on her I-told-you-so-voice and says, “And?! What did I tell you?!!”

sigh. So now I’m eating celery with my crow.

13 thoughts on “pass the salt

  1. Don’t think you ever have to worry about comments, you always have such fun and interesting posts. Love the log cabin square, I just got the book am I going to get addicted too???

  2. Hehe! Log Cabin squares are addicting (I guess we should have all believed Cara). I’ve even been looking at quilting books featuring Log Cabins, to find “new” ways to put them together.

    Wow – Christmas gifts already? But it’s only August…

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