Intarsia and the Old Lady

Today is D#1’s birthday! Her 19th birthday. Since this is my blog and it’s all about me, let’s take a moment and focus on the birthday mother.

I cannot believe this. I am a cliché. The woman who cannot fathom her childrens’ ages and the mathematical implications for her own chronology. How has this happened? She’s nineteen. And I am not. ~sob~

It’s probably a good thing then that I am busy boning (tee-hee! am I ever too old to get a kick out of sexual innuendo?) up on my mad intarsia skillz. In dinosaur years, I am a heartbeat away from grandmahood and will soon be churning out Peter Rabbit nursery sets and the like ….. so with that in mind, I present to you something I call Pug Pillow …..


This is another Christmas gift – one I can show on the blog because the recipient (Mr. Boar) does not read purlingswine. Can you believe it?? If I had to guess, I would say that he would tell you he doesn’t read my site because he gets enough of my lips flapping in his ears in real life. A virtual me would put him over the edge. La? you’re on notice my dearest cheese, I see a logcabin square for the back of this on the knitting horizon.

Once this pillow is complete, I am casting on for one of these. Unlike the lovely Rachel, I will not be using my own handspun but I did pick up some Noro. I cannot wait to get started. Vicki darling, I hear that you have your eye on this too!

17 thoughts on “Intarsia and the Old Lady

  1. Pug Pillow! how cute!!!

    I think it’s great that Boar doesn’t read your blog, it’s your own space. I wish Austin didn’t read mine. He comments like he owns the place and then I gotta hear about it at home- “why’d you say that about me?”, “I didn’t really like that picture, can’t you change it?”, “Do you have to take pictures of yarn all the time?” Sheesh. Blogs are for knitters and their knittng friends. period.

  2. when you start feeling old just remember you had the girls VERY young. dare i say…d#1 was born one month later than a honeymoon baby? tee hee
    at any rate, you can’t stop time
    if you find a way let me know

  3. yay! a pug pillow! I recently drew a chart for an intarsia pug in the hopes of making a pillow for my DH! You beat me. Now I’d just be copying. :)

    It’s looking great! Though I would expect you to knit a black pug, not fawn… ;)

  4. Happy 19th Birthday D#1!!!

    I LOVE that moebius scarf and would wear something like that a LOT. Totally kicking myself for not taking a class with Cat Bordhi when I had the opportunity a while back… perhaps I’ll have another sometime.

  5. Carole’s right – but not just on the BIRTHday, the 9 months before that, the years after that (nursing *possibly* , diaper changes, clothing changes, wake up in the middle of the night for *feeding,illness,bad dreams,etc*, other feeding, you name it – and that’s not even getting into the years after toddlerhood.

    Anyway, happy birthday D#1!!!

    Ann, surely you’re not older than 25 – no matter how old D#1 is! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Don’t you hate it when the kids get older than you? My best friend’s son starts college – today – and it amazes me that I know someone with a kid in college. And ISN’T the kid in college!

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