stroking my genius ; )


Yesterday I had an ephiphany. I teach a knitting class and a few of the students are in the midst of their first sock project. Do you remember how confusing all the shaping seemed to be? Little reminder notes would go a long way during the various decreases. It occured to me to get out the string tags that I usually use to identify finished spinning projects . I attached them right by the appropriate stitch markers and wrote the decrease directions. This particular student is following a seamed sock pattern. The crappy picture was taken by my palm pilot, but if you squint a bit you can make out the K2tog and SSK directions. Voilá!

11 thoughts on “stroking my genius ; )

  1. Ah! Thanks for the trick! My kids are going to benefit bigtime. We tried to do Knitty’s Fuzzy Feet last year and it was an absolute disaster! SOOO clever. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now. It’s really unlike me, no?

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