a pictureless post

D#2 is away until Sunday and has my camera with her. This was a maternally sanctioned borrowing (unlike many other times) so I have no one to blame but myself for lace of FO pictures. And there have been FO’s!

I completed the Raindrop Lace socks. I knit them using Cherry Tree Hill yarn. Love the yarn, love the pattern It’s by Evelyn Clark, so how could I go wrong? I also finished another mobius – the same Cat Bordhi pattern, but this time using my hand-spun. I can’t remember a thing about this hand-spun, so I must have done it a long while ago. I think this mobius is great for hand-spun because it doesn’t take a lot of yardage – plus is a very cool thing.

Another thing I don’t have a picture of? my new kitchen table – yay! It arrived yesterday and I adore it. Here is a link to Scott’s website. Our table looks a lot like the trestle table on the right. I made a pot roast dinner last night just to christen it (and yes, it has been damp and dreary enough to warrant pot roast in August).

And now for the answer to my two truths and a lie post …… you seem to be under the impression that I am a wild thing. Or that I was a wild thing. And the truth of the matter is that number three was the lie – but not because I wasn’t toeing the line.

The way Cara and Julia did the game was that all three answers were true except one had a small lie within it, so my little lie is within my third answer. I really, truly have led a dull and boring life (although I have a rich interior life shall we say). But I never got a bad grade in English. I come from a long line of English teachers – it simply wasn’t allowed. My educational struggles were all in science and math.

I have to run along now and polish my halo. : )

5 thoughts on “a pictureless post

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