excuses, excuses ….

A game and some explanations – pick the lie ……..

I have been oddly absent from the blog because:

1. The third and final season of Arrested Development came out on DVD. I am a rabid fan of this show and have spent countless hours memorizing lines I find especially hysterical. I insert them into daily conversations and laugh wildly at my cleverness. Naturally the release of this final DVD is tantamount to a high holy day in my house and everything came to a screeching halt as I committed these episodes to memory. Stay tuned for more hilarity!

2. With summer winding down and all the gray and rainy days we have been having, I have been very low key and not felt like blogging.

3. Julia invited me to join her in a game. Not realizing what I was getting myself into, I accepted. So did Cara. After reading both of their entries for this game, it dawned on me what a boring life I have been living and I became vocally paralyzed. No tales of breaking and entering from me folks. I have too much respect for our judicial system for that! No hair raisers about my naked ta-ta’s on exotic beaches. I have enough freckles thank you very much. What could I possibly write about? That time I got the bad grade on my english paper? How about when I skipped class with Tina that one day and we hung out in my back yard pool floating on rafts and feeling very Thelma & Louise? When you are a GOOD GIRL like me and your mother raised you RIGHT, there is very little adventure with which to entertain. ~sigh~ being a pillar of the community can be such a burden at times.

21 thoughts on “excuses, excuses ….

  1. I don’t think you haven’t been blogging because of the weather, you dirty liar. You couldn’t be low key if you tried. And it’s been freaking 80 degrees and sunny every day. LIAR!!!

  2. I think all 3 are probably lies. I’ve never met you but from your blog I just can’t see you sitting still that long to watch DVD’s, and somehow I don’t think you were a good girl!!!

  3. And here I was, thinking that you were taking the long way home from delivering D#1 to college…

    Have you ever mentioned Arrested Development before? I don’t remember — but I wouldn’t get a reference, anyway, since I never watched it. I’m bad… bad at telling lies, bad at spotting them. ; )

  4. #1 is a truth! Or at least it is in my house, and I’m hoping to the high heavens it is for you, too.

    I believe in #3 as well, because I can totally see something like that happening to me..

    So that leaves #2. Low-key – Hah! Liar!

  5. #2 is a bald-faced, half-assed, serin-gassed LIE. I know this because if you DON’T love Arrested Development, I don’t want to know you anymore. And I know that can’t be. In spite of the fact that you insulted my mother in #3, I also know that being “challenged to find your inner weirdness” can be paralyzing- I see it in my students every year. So…who’d like a banger in the mouth??

  6. my clue to #2 being a lie is how short it is compared to the others… hehehe

    I also feel your pain of being the good girl – nothing interesting ever happens in my life, just all may “bad girl” friends ;)

  7. Haha, I’m with Vicki. All of these stories (yours and Cara’s and Julia’s) are all so good, I’m lousy at spotting the lies. However, I can relate to the being-goody-two-shoes aspect being boring. Hee.

  8. ONE is the lie and even though you are a NAUGHTY girl sometimes you are a GOOD girl overall,so 3 is the truth. The weather has sucked and I’m under it too. ( pillar of the community may have been a stretch Ann)

  9. Oh come on! You have more then enough crazy antics in your past to fill a novel! Goody two shoes? Ha! You were the wild cousin! LOL Tell about what went on while you were in Europe!

  10. I concur with Cara, Numero Dos! Arrested Development is too good of a show and just from I’ve read so far on your fantastical blog it’s easy to see that you’re a great Pillar. ;)

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