hit the road, Jack.


There will be no blogging this week – I will be in San Diego! Mr. Boar has a business trip and the spouses have been invited too. Last year we went to Las Vegas and I bitched and moaned in the weeks leading up to the trip. Historically, I have been a very cranky traveler. I am beginning to suspect that it has less to do with the going and more to do with the leaving! This year D#2 is 16 years old, and is a mature and responsible person. My mother in law will also be here to keep an eye on things and drive her around. But I feel much more confident in her ability to take care of herself and her schedule and also the dogs. Let’s not forget the four legged creatures! At this time last year we had five dogs, two of whom were very ill. That is a lot to leave behind and a lot to ask someone else to watch – this year we have three and they are all in good health (except for Lucy’s itchy spot, which is on its way to healing)

So anyway, I am actually looking forward to this trip! Now I have to decide on a knitting project(s). Did you guys catch the new Knitty? specifically the article on double knitting and socks? Maybe it’s time to try something new ….. see you guys next week!

8 thoughts on “hit the road, Jack.

  1. How can you leave without finishing the adirondack chairs, or at least posting a few photos????????

    Have fun, be sure to eat some tamales while you are there. love, Kay

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