it wasn’t Maryland, but Huntington had its own, lovely Sheep to Shawl Festival here on Sunday. And what a glorious day it was!

First off, the weather, which was supposed to be gray and rainy was anything but. It was sunny & glorious! Many Long Island guilds participated, including my own favorite spinning guild. Also present were the rug hookers, bobbin lace makers, knitters, tatter (almost said taters!) and weavers. Live music was provided by a trio of musicians and there were pony rides, antiques,food and lots of general gaiety. I even managed to learn some drop spindling techniques!

I really enjoy doing spinning demonstrations at these festivals. What a great way to spend the day – spinning with friends!

One of our guild members, Tabbethia is a professional shearer/alpaca and llama breader and shower and here she is giving one of three demonstrations.

So keep this in mind for next year – if Maryland is too far, Long Island is right here!

Christmas 2007

Our Christmas was different this year. We were on our own for the first time ever. Out of town company decided against traveling and my MiL was MIA in Florida, visiting with Boar’s sister. So it was just the four of us!

We decided to start some new traditions – after a morning of opening presents, we spent Christmas afternoon in NYC. The weather was great and we took in a lot of sights. Our first stop was to check out the Barney’s Holiday Windows. Their there was environmental and one window was made entirely of recycled soda cans and bottles. You may not know, but Boar is a Pepsi Cola man and so that window was of particular interest.

We spent a few hours in the Central Park Zoo. We got there in time to watch the sea lions having lunch! When the girls were little, this zoo (along with the Aquarium and the Bronx Zoo) was always on our list of fun things to do over summer vacation.

You can also see pictures of the tree and the Penny Harvest. I hadn’t heard about the pennies and we happened upon it when we went to see the tree. It was awe inspiring – a true highlight of the trip.

ps. are you marveling at the photos? I got a new camera for Christmas!

Spin Out


these pictures should say it all – Spin Out was fantastic in every way! The weather was sheer perfection! The location was gorgeous! The bathrooms were close by! The spinners were Fun & Fascinating! It truly was a perfect day. lots of exclamation points!!!

I picked up Martha (fellow guild member and spinner extraordinaire), at the train station and we headed into the city. This was a major step for me since I have a fear of city driving. Well, those days are over! I drove in with no problem at all and found a very conveniently located parking garage. We got to the site in Central Park at 10 to set up. Cara brought bagels! Before we knew it all of the spinners began to arrive and from there it was a whirl of gabbing, laughing and spinning! Truly the day just flew by. The carriage horses and pedi-cabs come to see the spectacular view from this site so we had a constant parade of people. There was music in the distance providing a nice audio background. What more could we ask for? I walked through my door at 7:30 pm – exhausted but happy.

I bet you want to know who was there — I am terrible at this and will leave people out for sure. Cara had a sign up sheet so perhaps she will provide a link-fest for us. In the meantime, I was yucking it up with Nancy, Maribel, Chante, Peggie, Annie, Jenny, Regina, John, Kay, Melissa, Amy, Jenna, Martha, Carrie …… I know there were lots more. And now I feel badly. I hope you all are happy – see what you’ve done!

Anyway, there are more pictures to see over at my Flickr account. Today I will be performing a labor of love with potential for fabulous dividends ….. stay tuned for more details, all will be revealed my pets!


These are some very cool Mardi Gras pig beads straight from New Orleans! Cara brought them back from her trip last year. She had a knack for finding great oinkers!

Tomorrow D#2 and I depart for the college trip. Some of you asked where we will be headed ….. first stop tomorrow is Sarah Lawrence. Wednesday we will be seeing both Vassar and SUNY New Paltz. Bard is on Thursday’s schedule.

I shall be taking along the Hex Coat, but I don’t know how much knitting time I’ll manage …….

P4170016 P4170017
on band trips, we used to make out
with these guys in the back of the bus

thank you so much for all your input! Cathy sent me a link to an errata page for Knitting Nature. It has all been enormously helpful. Last night’s knitting brought me to the decision making point of should I/shouldn’t I. I managed to make myself so crazy (what the hell is the matter with me?? – Kathleen is right!) that I just went to bed. It was only nine o’clock!!

A full night’s sleep was just what the knitting Dr. ordered and I have decided to do the smaller (three stitch) reduction.

In other news, the Boar and I are traveling to Florida this weekend – a niece’s First Communion. My traveling neurosis have kicked in and I am busy kvetching about it all ……. I wonder why Kathleen ever assumed I was normal in the first place? That’s the real question!

This past weekend the Boar and I took to the friendly skies. We traveled to Rochester to visit my Brother and SiL. While we were there, we drove to hear D#1 sing in a choir concert at college. Now I have proven that I can knit Pomatomus while visiting, but even I doubted my ability to remain in pattern while in motion. With that in mind, I cast on for EZ’s baby surprise jacket.


I am using Blue Sky dyed cotton and loving it. This yarn is so soft and none of the hand cramps that sometimes go along with working with cotton. I didn’t think to order another color to add some stripes to the jacket. And I am not wild about unrelieved garter stitch. For now I am thinking I shall add some embroidery or other embellishment to the finished sweater.

The pig of the day comes from Rochester and is now residing in my living room. We went to an antique mall on Saturday and Sil spied this guy …..


the little lidded hen pot was also found there. My pig collection has spilled over into a touch of roosters/hens, but let’s not talk about it.


Here’s a look at my Rhinebeck project. With a little luck and lots of knitting, I will get it done in time. It is Icarus from the summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits . I am using Alpaca Silk from Blue Sky Alpaca. This is a heavier yarn than the pattern calls for but I had to have this color. It reminds me of a Weimeraner! woof.

Since I am too distracted (by a little black pug!) to think in complete sentences and/or paragraphs at the moment, how about a list?

  • First off, opine please. Before too long (read: long & cold winter) the Boar and I will need some new garage doors. Follow the middle link to the steel carriage house ones and tell me what you think of those wooden look alikes.