Margene, is that you?

Here are some pictures I took from the plane. I used my palm pilot camera, so the quality is poor. I need to just put that out there since I know you have come to expect a high quality photograph from me. ;)

Photo_092406_001 Photo_092406_002

Photo_092406_005 Photo_092406_006

Photo_092406_009 Photo_092406_008

hey Midwest what’s up with your fields?! are those crop circles for crying out loud?!

and how about some snowcapped mountains?

check out this close up – omg!

15 thoughts on “Margene, is that you?

  1. Ok so it took me a minute to click on the “close up” link, I kept clicking the picture instead, I’m a little slow in the morning, but it was too funny. Those fields are a little scary!!!!

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