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something boring

A little bit of everything today. First off, the home improvement project – a new foyer light fixture! Mr. Boar says, “It’s nice, but what was wrong with the old one”

Next up, the knitting. Ann says, “I am so sick of this I want to take my Addis and stab myself in the eye.”

And to make matters worse, even though I am on the final stockinette repeat according to the directions, I am also at the point where if I want to make this bigger, I should add another repeat. I DO want to make this bigger. I DO NOT want to knit another repeat! argh!

Cara is coming over tomorrow – maybe I can get her to knit it for me?

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  1. What was wrong with the old fixture? I know there was probably nothing WRONG, but there was SOMETHING “wrong.” ; )

    What’re you and Cara up to tomorrow?

  2. It’s not a question of there being something “wrong” with the old fixture it was just time for a new one, just ’cause. That’s plenty reason enough;)

    When Cara comes over tell her that you “love the slant of her stitches and can she please show you her exact method”. Then hand over your project and keep telling her you’re just not getting it until she’s finished. It’ll work;)

  3. Go for another repeat. Every time you wear it you will thank yourself and smile and pat yourself on the back for being so brave and persevering.

    And then again, maybe not. Totally your call.

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