so here’s the thing. The Icarus Shawl, which I said yesterday that I wanted to make bigger, is already bigger. The pattern calls for lace weight and I am using something along the lines of fingering/sport. Now the question is how much bigger?


I have not yet begun the lace repeats and the stockinette portion is reaching to my wrist. Although I am also just now noticing how in this picture, the shawl is unevenly positioned on the model. Do you see how it is all bunched up over her other arm? Does this mean that in its natural position, that lace edging would not reach her wrist? argh! I hate these f**ing misleading pictures!

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  1. When I want to see the size of a shawl, I google something like “finished Icarus shawl”. Usually quite a few of them are modeled and show the yarn used. This helps me to get an idea of the actual size of a shawl using different yarns. Hope that helps at least a little.

  2. I knit an Icarus, to the same measurements as given in the pattern, and can tell you that this is actually a *big* shawl. It’s 72 inches long, which is the same width as a standard pashmina. I’m 5’8″ with excessively long arms, and it’s long enough for me. I’d actually recommend skipping a repeat for anyone who isn’t particularly tall or doesn’t want an especially big shawl.

    Also, I used fingering weight yarn, too, on the recommended needle size, and got gauge (you can block to pretty much anything – mine wasn’t as airy as others made with lighter yarn, and if I’d wanted it bigger, I have no doubt I could have stretched it there).

    Beware that you might need more yarn than you think – a lot of people have run out with this pattern. I think I used about 1000 meters, but I posted all the details on my blog (check the archives for July).

    Also, check out the KAL for lots of finished pics:

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