That Ann, she is a fickle mother.

Remember the past few days when I was telling you how fabulous it is to have D#1 at home? How wonderful she is? How much I love having her around? At some point I am sure I had misty thoughts about what a terrific adult she is becoming, how great, how perfect ……. there was no doubt a background soundtrack running through my head featuring some kind of uplifting music. It was all so lovely.

(do you hear the ominous drumbeat starting to swell?)

D#1 broke my dryer.

D#1 broke my dryer and I have company coming.

She is leaving to go back to school today and was doing a final load of laundry. (yes, one of those ‘wonderfully adult’ tricks she has learned (or not it would appear) is how to do her own laundry). For mysterious reasons the load of clothes that she moved from the washer to the dryer did not seem to go through a spin cycle. This fact escaped her notice. All that water dripping, the sheer weight of it …… nope, didn’t see it.

Based on the timer, I believe the dryer tried to do its job for about 20 minutes. Poor guy, it was so brave. Now all the lights go on, but nothing happens.

Boar is going to take a look at it, but Sears has also been called.

Boar says maybe it’s a coincidence.

yeah, right.

That Boar, he’s such a softie. I bet he wouldn’t be so benevolent if it were his radial arm saw we’re talking about.

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  1. Bummer about the dryer. Hopefully, it will be operating normally after the boar takes a look. The comment about the radial arm saw is so funny and so true! LOL I will keep my fingers crossed for your dryers speedy recovery.

  2. Ouch. Sorry about the dyer! While its a real bummer, especially if you can’t get it fixed before the guests arrive, but these particular guests, I’m sure love you enough to not really care ;)

  3. Let the dryer rest in peace and splurge…and do it quickly. As for D#1, I always tell my girls that there is a fine line between a genius and a moron, stop tripping over it. Good luck!

  4. Well, I don’t know, Ann, I’d be thinkin’ that maybe there’s a problem with the washer, too! What’s with all that water, and the skipping over a spin cycle? Hello?? That’s a very important cycle!! Oh, unless she was doing one of those loads like my daughters do — all colors, all weights, as much as you have, all of it IN the washer — resulting in problems of balance and distribution of load.

    Tell me if I should pack towels. ; )

  5. ACK! My husband would have said the same thing! And I know just how you feel, I always love it when they are home, for the first, well, varying amount of times. Sometimes days, sometimes minutes. My oldest usually breaks my iron. My Rowenta. The really good one. She’s broken two of them. When she comes home I hide it and put out the $15 iron. Too bad you can’t have an extra dryer hanging around. :)

  6. That poor dryer! I can’t imagine what it suffered, all that water and nowhere for it to go!

    Perhaps it just needs time to dry out? And how did she not notice the clothes were sopping wet?

  7. ann, i am worried about the washer too. Are they still under warranty? Whenever I don’t take the extended war. something breaks. Never fails! You could always come to my house to do a few loads. ( heck, I will even do them for you! xo)

  8. I’m sure all of us parents of teenagers could regale you with tales of the broken/lost [fill in the blank] that said progeny have left in their wake, so I won’t. Just know that I sympathize.

    I vote for checking out the washer, too. It really should have spun out that water.

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