Even though it is all about Icarus around here these days, I fear it shall not be done in time for Rhinebeck. Ah me. I only have a chart and a half left, but at 400 + stitches per row, it is slow going. And then there is the blocking. I may end up wearing my *merkin*!

I need to decide on a fiber festival project – socks seem to fit the portability bill it’s just a matter of which pattern. I really don’t want to knit a stockinette sock. I wonder if I could stand to knit another Retro Rib? It has been awhile after all and I do adore that pattern ….

D#1 got home on Friday evening and we have been loving having her home. No special event on our calendar, just lots of companionable sitting around. She heads back to Alfred tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I am working all day today – I keep telling myself she is going to sleep all day anyway, so what am I really missing?

Vicki arrives on Thursday! Hip hip hooray!! I have made her visit my excuse for some intense fall cleaning. It is amazing what a difference washing light fixtures makes. I would have sworn that the one in my bathroom wasn’t dirty – until I took it apart and cleaned it. Now it’s all sparkly!

Hey, what’s Vicki doing in my bathroom anyway?

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  1. OMG, I can’t wait. I’m thinking about starting to pack already — and I never do that, I’m always a last-minute packer — that’s how excited I am. ; )

    I am having the same dilemma with the knitting…

    The cleaning! I actually did some of that myself yesterday, and no one’s even coming to visit. I’m seriously thinking that someone needs to come because my house is in DIRE need of cleaning. ; )

  2. Hmmm…I believe that your house is always clean. I swear visiting you and seeing your pristine abode really made me feel like the crappy housewife I am. ;)

    Miss you lots and hope to see you this weekend…

  3. No Rhinebeck for me this year either (whine!) Kudos on the cleaning. Amazing how those bathroom lights never look dirty huh?
    Retro Ribs.. ya can’t go wrong. Interesting enough to keep you “into it”, certainly not stockinette, but not so difficult that you can’t knit on the fly ;)

  4. I think it’s the combination of fall weather AND an impending visitor that’s doing it to you. If it were just the weather or just the visitor you wouldn’t bother with the light fixtures; you’d just shovel out the big chunks. Ask me how I know.

  5. Having company is a cleaning motivator but sometimes makes me too obsessive( like someone is going to look at the light fixture?)lol..I spent months cleaning before my son’s wedding this past August so that is it for this year . I am spending the weekend with my daughter who lives/teaches close to Rhinebeck(: I am not sure which makes me happiest- being with her or going there.

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