Does it look like The Scarf That Doesn’t End? Knitting it certainly felt like it! and this is the unblocked photo – I am waiting for a towel to come out of the washer to begin the blocking process.

Now I can concentrate on finishing Icarus. This project is so close to being done, but the stitch count is high …. 400 +/row …… so each row is taking a long time to get through.

Mr. Boar loved all your birthday comments! who knew he was such an attention whore? There’s not enough room in this house for two of us!

speaking of birthday accolades …… go sing Vicki a birthday tune!

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  1. Thanks for the blocking info and your Christmas gift is so unigue. I will have to share the site with my spinning friends. Any ideas on what you will make from it?
    I am learning so much from your blog!Thanks!
    P.S. Yeah, your Boar is a keeper -for sure.

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