Birthday Boar!

Today really is someone’s birthday ……

Mr. Boar! isn’t he cute?

Mr. Boar is a great guy. He lives in a house full of women – he puts up with a lot. : )

Here is a great fiber story about Boar.

Not long ago, we were taking a road trip to see D#1 in college. This is a six hour drive at best and Mr. Boar had already put in a full day’s work. And I mean full – he gets up everyday at 4:00 am. The plan was that he would get a ride to work and I would pick him up at the end of the day and we would hit the road. When I got there I said that I will drive since he must be exhausted. He said no, he will drive and then I can knit. I tell him I don’t mind driving, that he must be tired.

And then he says, well if you drive, who will do the knitting?

see? he finds it as compelling as I do!

30 thoughts on “Birthday Boar!

  1. Are you TRYING to get us all to fall in love with him?! Honestly, those are stories you should probably keep to yourself. (I can say this because I got a good one too!)

    Happy Birthday Mr. Boar!

  2. Aww, that’s a sweet story! Scorpios sure are wonderful to have around … (although, I may be biased on that one).

    Of course, it’s possible he just didn’t want you to drive . . . Scorpios can be tricky that way, too….

  3. Happy belated birthday, Mr. Boar. Oh and can I have him? My husband would have jumped at the chance to see me drive so he could sleep. He’d then ask where’s the food?

  4. What’s not to love with a man’s thinking like that. Happy Birthday Boar!! And congrats to you, you lucky girl. He is the best present a girl could ever get!!

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