Is it time to panic?

Jen is arriving tomorrow for a day of divinity. This is a fudge like candy that is typically made around the holidays. After hearing about my marshmallow recipe, she suggested we try divinity – perhaps it is the next step in my candy making education.

So, why panic? Jen is a lovely, reasonable woman. She is smart. She is funny. She knits.

It sounds like an ideal day doesn’t it – what’s the problem?

Have you read her site? Do you get that she is a gourmet cook?

I am going to make us lunch.

I’m sweating already.

13 thoughts on “Is it time to panic?

  1. Don’t panic! Maybe it’s like the beauty queen who never gets asked out – maybe no one ever cooks for Jen. She’ll love having someone else prepare a meal, and it sounds yummy!

  2. OMG, are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Katy once called you “the hostess with the mostess,” and you are every inch of that and more. It will be absolutely delightful, I am sure. Has Bakerina seen what you can do with a Costco cheesecake, for crying out loud?

    My mom used to make fudge, divinity and seafoam candy — with varying results from year to year. We’d eat it, anyway, of course.

  3. If you want to try caramels next I have a wonderful recipe I’d be willing to share. It starts with 1 pound of brown sugar and a half pound of butter, what’s not to love.

  4. You are in for a fun, fun day. Divinity reminds me of my mother. She made candy every Christmas for everyone, anyone who would eat it. Her favorite was divinity…pink! How’d ya like that! LOL
    Jen is as generous and lovely as can be and she’s a tad insecure about her own cooking. Not that either of you should be!! Just enjoy.

  5. Panic? Panic? Oh, great googly moogly, woman, but there is no need for you to panic. I am not a gourmet cook. I am just a regular old cook and a semi-pro (emphasis on semi, *not* on pro) baker. I’ve heard tell that you are indeed the hostess with the mostess, and besides, frankly, you could serve me frosting in a can for lunch and I would be thrilled to be in your company. So, really, no need to panic.

    Now, if you were coming to *my* house, you might want to panic, but that’s only because Lloyd and I live in such cramped and squalid conditions that I’m amazed he hasn’t murdered me in my sleep yet. I have grape butter stains on the wall behind the stove that I cannot remove for love or money. We are the urban God’s Little Acre. Your house, on the other hand, is a place of beauty and cleanliness. Just thinking about it makes me feel calmer.

    But honestly. Please, please, please do not worry on my account. Bring on the Costco cheesecake. :)

    (Confidential to Carole and Margene: Oh, blush. I love yinz guys.)

    (Confidential to our lovely hostess: Yes, that’s Pittsburghese, not Philadelphian. I’m bilingual. ;)

  6. My Mother in Law, who is not a cook, disposed of a bad batch of Divinity by pouring it down the kitchen sink. They had to replace the pipes…

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