It’s November

which means it must be time for my yearly blog post.  I need to justify owning a domain name and paying wordpress for the ‘no ads’ option don’t I?

In addition to the general joys & sorrows of living, there have been two exciting developments around these parts.  D#1 is getting hitched!  The wedding date is June 2016 – she lives in the Buffalo NY area and the wedding will be held there.  Which means she is shouldering most, if not all of the planning with the occasional phone call/text message consult with me.  Her dress has been ordered and is waiting for her first fitting (this will be happening next weekend), venue is all set, cake has been decided upon and a thousand other details are in the works.

One detail that needs attention is the Mother of the Bride dress.  I need to quit procrastinating and start looking.  For awhile there I told myself that I was being proactive with a Pinterest board and my own personal shopping assistants in the form of two very fashionable friends.  But I do believe the time has come to waddle over to the stores and get serious!  Can I put this off until after the holidays and all the desserts?

I’m serious, can I?

The other development is that after six fantastic years, Kathleen (dude! 2011?!  now I don’t feel so bad about the once-a-year blogging) and I are closing The Village Knitter.  Our last day is December 12th, which will give us the rest of the month to dismantle shelving etc.  This is a tremendously bittersweet thing.  We made the decision back in January that this would be our last year, so we have had a long time to come to terms with the idea.  Owning a LYS has been so much more than I ever thought it would be — definitely more work and more headaches than I had imagined, but also much, much more fulfilling and fun too!  I have had such a wonderful time and have forged so many friendships.  I know these will continue past the door closing.  Plans are already in the works in that regard!

I am excited to see what happens next.  My idea is to be busy with house projects through the winter and into spring.  And also catch up on road trips to visit family and friends that I have been neglecting what with the retail hours that the shop required.  Then there will be a wedding.  The post wedding summer agenda will involve a great deal of sitting around.

And after that?  who knows?!

apropos of absolutely nothing – I made this new recipe for dinner tonight and it is delicious and easy!

we were both starving when I was making it so it has turned into late lunch and dinner!

Molly Malone’s Chowder


Alive, Alive O!

JOHNFALCONE and I were supposed to be visiting friends on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately I was unwell and did nothing more than take the dogs on a walk. So it wasn’t until today that I got to try a new recipe that is henceforth going to be our new St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

This was delicious – himself loved it and so did I.  I substituted clams for the cockles and had no wine, so steamed everything in beer.  Yum!

1304699234_picsay-1304699234.jpg I made a pizza today and it looked so good I had to take a picture! After the photo shoot, I tried to cut a slice and realized I had forgotten to grease the pan. gah!

I will say that the bits I could chip away from the damn pan were delicious.


I was out to dinner last weekend and spied a jar much like this one behind the bar. Pineapple infused vodka served icy cold – delicious!!

This has been soaking/infusing since Sunday. I did a little taste test last night and I do believe it’s ready to go! Wikipedia recommends replacing the fruit since it continues to ripen, so pineapple is on today’s grocery list.

here’s a little recipe recap:

  • step 1: infuse the vodka
  • step 2: infuse yourself