another quiz!!

aren’t we having fun?!

Which NICOLE KIDMAN Character Are You?

“Diane Arbus” in FURYou’re a creative super freak and a true trailblazer. Good for you for embracing your curiousity. But do try and maintain your sanity whilst living on the edge. It’s a highwire act.
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7 thoughts on “another quiz!!

  1. I was the chick from Moulan Rouge:

    “Satine” in MOULIN ROUGE! You’re not just a star in your own mind, you’re the real deal. Beautiful, talented, and gorgeous. But life is short: stop worrying about money and fame. Above all things, life for love.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Beautiful shawl! Are you bringing it to the meeting on Wednesday? Bring Icarus too. And whatever else you are working on? For Show & Tell?

    Btw, I was Ada, from Cold Mountain. And my accent was from the Great Lakes area. Huh?

    Take care,


  3. Um, I just got Satine, too. Just like Cara. I think I’m channeling. ‘Cause I was really hoping for the dead gal in “The Others.” I don’t know it, but really, I’m dead! Oh, how inappropriate. I’ve had alcohol.

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