Here is a look at my next project. It is the Stacy Pullover from Big Girl Knits. This picture does not do a good job of capturing the honeycomb stitch. The yarn is Brooks Farm Four Play that I bought at Rhinebeck – last year! My first thought was to do a top down raglan, using the percentage system but also keeping in mind some of the design details mentioned in BGK book. Then I thought, why not just knit that sweater you really like from the book?


The first hurdle was trying to decide which size to knit …… the pattern states specifically – do not knit larger than your measurement. I did the dirty deed and took my measurements. They were one inch less than one size and two inches greater than the next size down. AGH! So I cast on for the smaller size and started knitting. I spent the entire time wondering if I will have yet another unwearable sweater. I remind myself that I hate feeling like a sausage in knitwear. Two inches is a lot of negative ease. After getting a considerable amount of knitting done, I RIP. I am not doing this again. I am not not going to wear this sweater. If it comes out too big, I will take it in during the seaming. I would rather do that than have it be too small and then try to compensate in the blocking.

It is another gray & rainy day here. Perfect knitting weather!

I forgot to mention how much fun I had on Saturday with The Bakerina. Ricki & Peggy joined in the cooking fun. The divinity is divine – but good God is it ever labor intensive! My Kitchen Aid was going overtime. Fortunately with a kitchen full of cooks, I got to sit there and watch them! Here is the view from my chair …..

, my dear, is the beauty of my genius.

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  1. I trust that you were able to dislodge the divinity from the pans. That’s been haunting me for two days, which, I’m sure, comes as no surprise to you. ;)

    Thank you again for having me over, and letting me heat up your KitchenAid like that. I had such a great time with you and Ricki and Peggy. I *am* going to blog about it, I swear. Really. Stop laughing.

  2. Woo, someone is finally knitting the Stacy Pullover! I like the way it looks in the Brooks Farm!

    I was thinking about making Stacy but I was concerned that the honeycomb stitch isn’t stretchy enough – what do you think? (and I am also worrying: what size do I make and what do I have in stash to make it with?)

  3. Sounds good to me, never met a sugar containing item I didn’t like. Sausage in a sweater ~snort~
    I was shopping for rubber stamps and thought of you. I saw one that 2 cute little piggies waving hello and it was worded “Hogs and Kisses” ;)

  4. i feel like the sizing challenge taunts me all the time… wondering if what you’re knitting is going to fit. glad your ripped that sucker out!

    that food looks delicious! i heart my kitchen aid and the creations it allows me to make. (now i just need to get friends who are cooks ;-))

  5. I’m very familiar with that niggling voice in your ear that says, stop knitting, it won’t fit. Glad you listened and ripped before you got too far. I hope it works out perfectly.

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