sweet pals o’ mine ….

thank you so much for all your sage knitting advice. All agreed it was best to rip (and drink!), which is exactly what I did. After I posted my knitting SOS last night, I put the project aside and went to bed. I had enough sense at least to put some distance between me and the sweater. I figured I would have to rip it, but didn’t want to do anything rash.

I hoped to have pictures for you, but this day has been a tad crazy. Friends in crisis and one in the hospital! (our Flair had some tests done – thank goodness everything is okay) All is well that ends well and I am back to knitting the pattern stitch on the smaller needles. Once I get a few more rows done, I will measure my gauge to make sure I am on the right track. For now, it is off to spinning guild for me!

5 thoughts on “sweet pals o’ mine ….

  1. I hate to even bring this up, but gauge can change when you wash the thing. Usually the yarn blooms and you end up with more stitches and rows to the inch. Which may be a good thing?! I can hope anyway! Good for you for taking the time to get it right!

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