It’s November

which means it must be time for my yearly blog post.  I need to justify owning a domain name and paying wordpress for the ‘no ads’ option don’t I?

In addition to the general joys & sorrows of living, there have been two exciting developments around these parts.  D#1 is getting hitched!  The wedding date is June 2016 – she lives in the Buffalo NY area and the wedding will be held there.  Which means she is shouldering most, if not all of the planning with the occasional phone call/text message consult with me.  Her dress has been ordered and is waiting for her first fitting (this will be happening next weekend), venue is all set, cake has been decided upon and a thousand other details are in the works.

One detail that needs attention is the Mother of the Bride dress.  I need to quit procrastinating and start looking.  For awhile there I told myself that I was being proactive with a Pinterest board and my own personal shopping assistants in the form of two very fashionable friends.  But I do believe the time has come to waddle over to the stores and get serious!  Can I put this off until after the holidays and all the desserts?

I’m serious, can I?

The other development is that after six fantastic years, Kathleen (dude! 2011?!  now I don’t feel so bad about the once-a-year blogging) and I are closing The Village Knitter.  Our last day is December 12th, which will give us the rest of the month to dismantle shelving etc.  This is a tremendously bittersweet thing.  We made the decision back in January that this would be our last year, so we have had a long time to come to terms with the idea.  Owning a LYS has been so much more than I ever thought it would be — definitely more work and more headaches than I had imagined, but also much, much more fulfilling and fun too!  I have had such a wonderful time and have forged so many friendships.  I know these will continue past the door closing.  Plans are already in the works in that regard!

I am excited to see what happens next.  My idea is to be busy with house projects through the winter and into spring.  And also catch up on road trips to visit family and friends that I have been neglecting what with the retail hours that the shop required.  Then there will be a wedding.  The post wedding summer agenda will involve a great deal of sitting around.

And after that?  who knows?!

apropos of absolutely nothing – I made this new recipe for dinner tonight and it is delicious and easy!

we were both starving when I was making it so it has turned into late lunch and dinner!

My Stats: 

Your Quit Date is:  3/17/2005 11:15:00 PM

Time Smoke-Free: 2922 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes and 52 seconds

Cigarettes NOT smoked: 58460

Lifetime Saved:  14 months, 26 days, 13 hours

Money Saved: $15,784.20

It’s hard to believe it has been eight years – as a matter of fact, I wasn’t entirely sure until I checked with QuitNet, a site Chelsea had said helped her when she quit.  I am so glad I signed up for it – seeing those numbers was and is a big motivator.

Which by the way – that $$ part?  It does not adjust for the rising cost of smokes, so it is based on $4.60 per pack from days of yore and at the moment, cigs are somewhere around the $10 mark here in NY.

So there is a LOT more money in that particular banana stand!

Anyway yay me, yay Vicki and yay Flair!

Santa in my trunk


This past Christmas I decided that I wanted to start collecting old plastic Santas. My cousins had one when we were growing up and I’ve always loved it.

“What if it ends up like the pig collection?” people asked.

Well then I will put them all on the front lawn and it will be a Terra Cotta Army of Santas! how cool would that be?  and what’s the matter with my pigs anyway??

on my way to work today I found my first soldier!  He was sitting in a trash pile by the side of the road — lucky, lucky, lucky!

Peapod is my new best friend

….. do I really need to write a blog post for further explanation?

It was totally worth it just for having the groceries brought into the house and put on the kitchen table!

OMG I am positively giddy with it all!

I adore these!

How much do I love Snoopy? A customer was in the shop yesterday and she had just scored four of these at a little second hand shop in town. She gifted me two!  I am the luckiest!

I have been burning the midnight oil the past two nights working on the shop’s website as well as this one.  After a lot of trial and error, purlingswine ended up with a new layout and The Village Knitter  got spruced up a bit.  If you go over there, scroll to the bottom right and check out the stamp I made – that took a few hours!

More spinning!

Twisted Fiber Art

without getting too OCD about it, I have been trying to incorporate some spinning into my morning routine.  Here is extra fine BFL from Twisted Fiber Art.  I had two 4 ounce braids which spun up into 200 yds. of 2 ply bulky-ish weight.

news from the homefront:

  • D#1 just signed a lease on a new apartment – she sent pictures last night and it looks really nice.  Up until now she has been living in an apartment, but it has been more along the lines of student/off campus living.  I actually haven’t seen the one she’s been in since September – which I believe to be a blessing since at the time she moved in, she didn’t have a job and just took the absolute cheapest place she could find.  let’s not think about it. It just so happens my MIL is relocating to Florida and will be shedding lots of her furniture, so D#1 will happily take whatever she can get.  All of this means there is a U-Haul in my future!
  • D#2 will be home for Easter — since spring break has never fallen over Easter, this is the first time in many years I will have one or the other here.  And I am oddly excited since we really don’t make a big deal out of Easter ……
  • now that Downton Abbey is over, I have been watching something on MTV called I Just Want My Pants Back.  You would think I should be filled with shame, but I’m not.  It’s pretty good!

news from the shop:  lots and lots going on!

  • We have tons of fab new yarns in – Fiberphile, String Theory just to name a few.
  • And we are getting our own custom colorway with MadelineTosh!  We just got a picture of it yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous!!
  • We are also hosting a workshop in April with Alasdair Post Quinn on Double Knitting.  Have you seen his stuff??
  • Kathleen and I will be traveling to Boston in two weeks to attend Yarn Market News Smart Business Conference  – that should be interesting and fun!  We won’t be able to go to TNNA this year since Gracie (Kathleen’s girly) will be graduating on those dates, so we thought we would try this instead.