god help me if I run out of yarn

Yesterday I described the malevolent creature my sweater project has become. Things have only gotten worse.

I think I can hear it breathing. And last night, there was a scuttling noise.

help me – it’s a Blair Sweater Project

In the comments, Mary Beth agreed that things can and do go haywire in knitting projects. However, she expressed doubts about a sweater’s ability to dial the phone. [word to the wise: these disbelievers are always the ones who end up running through the house with whatever-couldn’t-be-possible hot on their heels]

Here is a copy of my reply:

it has a life and mind of its own. I swear. Last night, I even think I saw gleaming eyes staring out from my knitting bag.

I have started a hat. I consider it a “palate cleanser” while I wait for my bad sweater mojo to calm down somewhat!

E.Z. Ganomy hat in unikat
truth be told, I consider this more than a hat
it’s a freaking exorcism.

18 thoughts on “god help me if I run out of yarn

  1. We’re all clear of the dreaded Mercury Retrograde now, so it should be safe to pick up the needles again. Things quite suddenly got much better for me after the dreaded MR passed – hope they do for you, too!

  2. Hey, shouldn’t you have snot dripping from your nose and a knit cap in that closeup? You are too funny or maybe possibly crazy! LOL

  3. That hat is gorgeous. Calming, soothing colors, guaranteed to banish any evil spirits that may or may not have possessed the-project-that-must-not-be-named. Of course, at $27/175 yards, it should probably wash the dishes, too.

  4. I’m with Carol – silver knitting needles! Except that they may be a bit rare and possibly costly. Exorcism? Ghostbusters? Knitting a hat while ignoring it completely so that it feels chastened and then behaves?

    BTW, that’s one cute reason for an unmade bed!

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