~cue the ominous music~

holy cow — you guys just love pictures of dogs in bed! If I could get them all to play poker and snap a picture of it, I wonder how many comments I would have?

guess who is laying in bed this morning?

me! and you should be thankful there is no pictorial! it would burn your retinas.

Now before you start thinking about what an easy life I have, let me say that my being in bed is less about luxuriating and more about hiding.

I am hiding from my sweater project.

I am beginning to suspect that this sweater has developed some kind of will of its own and does not want to be knit. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing made the phone ring and asked me, in a high, scratchy and menacing voice if I were alone in the house. Or if I knew where my children are.

After a great deal of trial and error, I finished the back. I cast on for the front and am knitting away on the K2P3 ribbing. I am thinking that all of my troubles are behind me and isn’t it right and good that I was so particular about the back and how now I will have a fabulous finished product.

It’s a bit too complicated to explain how this next part happened. Suffice to say that there had been some undetected needle confusion. It all has to do with the gauge issues I experienced while knitting the back. It also has to do with my complete lack of short term memory. I was using needles two sizes smaller than I needed! more ripping.

and now I am hiding. It is out in the den.

just waiting for me.

10 thoughts on “~cue the ominous music~

  1. I too loved the dog in bed picture. But I’m LOL at the thought of you hiding in bed from your sweater. I think you should hide the sweater for now, then when you find it again, you’ll be ready to finish ot. Thats what I do with the ones I just can’t finish.

  2. There’s no such thing as a sweater making a phonecall! Now get out there and show that #$(*& sweater who’s boss!

    Seriously – isn’t it weird how sometimes mistakes or problems compound themselves in a project? Gosh, I hate when that happens. Grrr….

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