I have finished another ganomy!

D#2 was a hostile model

so my pictures suck

As you can see I ended this one with a pom-pom. And this is the pom-pom after I trimmed it! Maybe I should trim it some more? Yes, I have a thing for big pom-poms.

Having completed two successful hat projects which included pattern modifications, I am feeling confident that my knitting gris gris has turned away from the dark side. The next project in my hands WILL be that sweater.

the power of wool compels me the power of wool compels me the power of wool compels me the power of wool compels me

and now for the part where I concede my Mother of The Year title for the 20th consecutive year …….. tonight is D#2’s winter concert. This sucks on many levels but by far the biggest is that I will be missing the one hour Office extravaganza. argh!! D#2 is a rabid fan as well and she is equally devastated.

Yes, I know I can tape it. But somehow, it’s just not the same.

I’d rather tape the concert.

13 thoughts on “

  1. How DID you make the pop-pom? I need to make gigundo pom poms for hubby’s golf club covers I just knit. Any hints and tricks would be swell!!

  2. Dude those pompoms are a threat to world peace, seriously, go shake it at Bush and he’ll have to do whatever you want him to…

    Damn you’ve got to miss the Office tonight? Sucks to be you;)

  3. That’s a beautifully made hat! Even the pompom is repellant, and yet strangely attractive . . . You’ll enjoy the concert, you know you will. Have a great time!

  4. Pompoms are cute. Too bad you had a hostile model! lol.

    Too bad you can’t tape the concert. Well, you can, but it tends to require your being there, which defeats the whole purpose. Have fun!

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