Did you get caught up in the weffriddles mania? I got to Level 10 and then realized – if I keep wasting time working hard to solve these riddles, my reward is ……. more riddles. f* that.

Here is something I find far more entertaining ……. check out how the snowman changes as your answers change! (love the Martha Stewart one)

Holiday Party Excuse Generator!

and a big thank you to Beancounter for showing me the true meaning of internet diversion!

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  1. I got to level 19 on Friday, but have been busy with a surprise visit from my son and grandson. I swore that when I got to work today, I was going to do WORK…. It is 1:10PM, haven’t done a friggin thing yet! So typical for a NYS worker….
    Party? Hey, if there is chocolate involved, I’ll come! Some sicko played a cruel trick yesterday by putting an empty tin of cookie dust in the office kitchen…. I kept shaking it hoping I’d hear cookies crying for release…

  2. I’m stuck on Level 5, feeling like a grade A idiot. Back to Bookworm for me!

    BTW–LOVE the specs! I remember my first pair–I was 8 and I really wanted them. Glasses are cool!

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