a post wherein ann seems to have it all. and you’ll hate her for it ….. but she’s okay with that

My spinning guild had its holiday party Wednesday night. In addition to fabulous snacks and spinning, there is a grab bag. As with most grab bags, we have guidelines. The cool thing is rather than $$ amounts, it’s weight amounts – 2 oz. of your handspun.

Another of my holiday traditions is determining who got the best grab bag gift. This is a tradition I keep to myself (except for my gloating expression), but I suspect that most people have that very same tradition. I am pleased to say that I do believe I got the very best grab bag gift – not that I’m competing or anything! ; )


I shall tell you a little bit about this handspun. But before I do you need to brace yourselves. This handspun has an ending that will slay you.

Ready? First off, it is 5 ounces of handspun (more than twice the specified amount – score!). Secondly, it is 5 ounces of handspun that have been hand-dyed – yeah baby. Thirdly, it 5 ounces of handspun that have been hand-dyed using a natural dye bath of hydrangea and turmeric (does it get any better?). Fourthly, now this is the part, so get ready …… it is 5 ounces of hand spun, natural hand dyed hydrangea and turmeric wool and the hands that did all of this work ………. are 10 years old.

yes, you read it correctly. There is a very young member of our spinning guild. Her name is Emma and she comes to our meetings with her grandparents – who are also stellar spinners. She is somewhere around 10 (anywhere between 9 and 12 is my estimate), is very quiet and she sits there and spins and spins! I believe her brother just won some award at a large alpaca competition. And I was the lucky one who got her gift. I was stunned. We all were. I knew she was spinning – but this skein is magnificent. I LOVE IT Emma!! (not that Emma is wasting any of her time on the Internet – hmmm, maybe I should take a cue from Ms. Em?)

As if all of that weren’t enough, Peggie Ehlers (my spinning guru – except now Emma is giving her a run for her money) had a surprise Christmas present for me……


You are looking at 440 yard of gorgeous handspun lace weight. It is a blend of baby alpaca, silk and hand painted tencel. I did a particularly lousy job with the camera – this stuff is truly magnificent. Peggie is considering selling her fibers, so if you are salivating go over to her site and leave her a comment. She has been terrible about blogging, but maybe we can bully her into it a bit. And yes, Vicki, Kay ….. that is indeed a pair of Bakelite needles!! maybe she’ll sell some of those too!

ah yes, I was indeed the belle of the ball. At this point you are fed up with me. Not one but two presents to die for. Don’t deny it, I would have had it with me as well ….. but there’s more!

when I got home from the guild meeting last night – practically limping under the weight of my good fortune, this is what greeted me

go ahead, leave. I can’t stand me either. :)

15 thoughts on “a post wherein ann seems to have it all. and you’ll hate her for it ….. but she’s okay with that

  1. Oh, yay, it’s DOUBLE TORTURE!! I’m sure I must be almost as excited as you. It’s just so tantalizing. I wonder if there’s still MORE TO COME!!

    Emma is a natural-born fiber artist, that much is clear. Gorgeous.

    Peggy has more Bakelite needles?! I don’t know why I thought that once she gave away the set in the case that there weren’t any more. Duh. I’m going over to harrass her RIGHT NOW!!

  2. I am not surprised about that Emma! You kicked butt at the Guild; Ho Ho Ho!! I am sorry I missed it but was at a concert with my son rockin’ out! Merry Christmas and can’t wait to “see” whatcha got there! Enjoy Ann.

  3. Yer so funny!!!! Congrats on the big score, you totally deserve it.

    I’m as curious as you are about these mysterious boxes. Whatever could they be?

  4. You are spoiled rotten…rotten!! That’s what waffles will get you.

    Seriously, you are very fortunate to receive Emma’s handspun. Wowza…it sure is nice and so is the lace weight. I’m more envious over that than what’s in the big boxes.

  5. I am so not sick of you! Ann! That’s incredible! Santa must think you’ve been quite good this year-own it! If Emma & her brother went into business now, they will be independtly wealthy on that gorgeous yarn! As for Peggy? Let’s all go “get” her! Can’t wait to see what you got in those boxes! I’ll be checking on Christmas. As blog reading goes, I now consider myself hard core.

  6. Okay, the original box held only the BASE of the lead-core spinning wheel in its own velvet-lined wooden box. Now the actual wheel part has arrived.

    You’re welcome.

    (Wait ’til you see the box that arrives tomorrow…)

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