seen around town


A woman came running into the shop yesterday and said, “Do you see what’s going on across the street?!” Of course, I dropped everything and came running to see. And at first I couldn’t see what she was talking about. No mayhem of any kind. And I looked. And I looked.

Finally she told me to take a closer look.

Check out the top of that truck.

Do you see the dog? What I believe is a chocolate lab?

There he sat. Looking for all the world like a dog is supposed to be sitting regally on top of every car.

At this point there were a few of us staring at this dog and laughing, wondering how he got on top of the truck. We were making him nervous, so he got up, turned around and hopped back into the truck

through the sun-roof! (that just about killed us)

He actually pulled that stunt a few more times – he kept hopping back out to see if we were still there staring at him.

11 thoughts on “seen around town

  1. My ex husband’s Rottweiler/Lab mix used to do that. I had come out of the shopping center wondering where I’d parked the truck – and there was Max, on the roof of the truck looking for me.

    Must be a Lab thing. They’re so goofy-cute.

  2. I used to have two big dogs who would sit in the front seats of our motorhome when we weren’t in it. They looked like they were ready to drive away. It was hilarious. Hope Santa brings you exactly what you want. Have a great holiday, Ann.

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