I bet you thought I had given up on knitting that sweater.

Do you remember that I am working on a sweater? The Sweater of my Discontent? [also known as the Stacey Pullover from Big Girl Knits]

Well, the good news is that the front is done! I was beginning to doubt I would ever get through it. The rips were innumberable. Between the yarn being unevenly dyed, gauge issues, needle issues and who knows what else I was turning into a condemned, knitting Sissyphus. So now it is onto the sleeves and I couldn’t be happier. actually if the whole damn thing were finished and seamed, then I would be happier.

A morning swim and then off to work, so there won’t be much sleeve progress today. my one consolation? I’ll be that much closer to Calais. I’ll always have France.

~ le sigh ~

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  1. Sissyphus had it rough, but I’d rather push the boulder than suffer the fate of Tantalus. Like being in an LYS with no dinero. Or reading blogs in which people make fabulous handknits that I have no time to even cast on. Sigh indeed.

  2. From looking at your sweater, I thought I might make it too. Haven’t bought the book yet, though.

    Glad to hear the sweater is in progress again.


  3. Would it be any consolation to hear that it is now January and I am still boring away on the Michael Kors sweater — you know, the one that I can’t guarantee will even look good on me because I just slavishly followed the pattern directions, and didn’t even take measurements because apparently I’m too much of a delicate little flower to learn just how bodacious my snoobs and mudflaps have grown in the past year — you know, that one? I’m still four inches away from finishing the back.

    Actually, this gives me an idea. If the day ever comes where I finish the back, front and sleeves, can I come over to your house and have you hold my hand while I seam it? (Figuratively, of course, as I will probably need both hands to seam it.) I’ll make you some more divinity. Or if you’d rather never let divinity darken your door again, I’ll make you something fruit-based and gorgeous, something you’ll love so much that you will totally not regret inviting me over. What say you?

  4. I just have to break in and tell you that I love your blog. I too have a sweater on the needles that mocks me from the other room. lol. I’m glad yours is progressing. Mine is being punished for being cheeky enough to demand equal time. I mean…really! I have a sock on the needles as well as an afghan on the hook! What does it expect from me…a gal that holds down a full time job, craft addiction and a household?!!!

    I really just wanted to thank you, at the beginning of a new year, for the many smiles you have provided (and are still providing) me with this last year. Love your blog….keep up the good work!

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