I bet you thought I had given up on knitting that sweater.

Do you remember that I am working on a sweater? The Sweater of my Discontent? [also known as the Stacey Pullover from Big Girl Knits]

Well, the good news is that the front is done! I was beginning to doubt I would ever get through it. The rips were innumberable. Between the yarn being unevenly dyed, gauge issues, needle issues and who knows what else I was turning into a condemned, knitting Sissyphus. So now it is onto the sleeves and I couldn’t be happier. actually if the whole damn thing were finished and seamed, then I would be happier.

A morning swim and then off to work, so there won’t be much sleeve progress today. my one consolation? I’ll be that much closer to Calais. I’ll always have France.

~ le sigh ~

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