I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again —- I love my spinning guild! Last night’s meeting was a workshop on dyeing silk caps. The workshop was fantastic and lots of kudos to Rosane who pulled the whole thing together for us.

Before we dive in, every meeting starts out with some show & tell …….

Dying_silk_cap_workshop005_1 Dying_silk_cap_workshop006_1 Dying_silk_cap_workshop010

Dying_silk_cap_workshop012 Dying_silk_cap_workshop013 Dying_silk_cap_workshop014
Dying_silk_cap_workshop030 Dying_silk_cap_workshop049

the first two pictures are Peggie Ehler’s submissions to the Master Spinners program. Then we have Ellen’s felted house socks. First on the second line of pics are Peggy’s argyle socks. After that are Judy’s hat and gloves. Then Lisa’s handspun from her very own angora bunny that she got at Rhinebeck – she named him Foo Foo! We are all encouraging Carol to send pictures of her handspun, handknit afghan into Spin Off – isn’t it gorgeous?? And now that we finally have some cooler temperatures around here, a snuggly poncho.

After the parade of talent, we got onto the workshop!

Dying_silk_cap_workshop026 Dying_silk_cap_workshop057 Dying_silk_cap_workshop056

Dying_silk_cap_workshop053 Dying_silk_cap_workshop060 Dying_silk_cap_workshop061
Dying_silk_cap_workshop063 Dying_silk_cap_workshop062

Once we were done painting the silk, we rolled it up in plastic wrap. We could either steam it for a half hour at the meeting, or take it home and give it a two minute zap in the microwave. Then we were instructed to rinse them until the water ran clear and hang to dry.

Next month’s meeting will be a workshop on spinning the caps.

14 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. That’s one fabulous guild you have! Looks like you had a great time and learned so much. That’s what I love about guilds. Guess I had better join my local and see what’s up.

  2. You get to do some pretty cool stuff! Now I’ve heard it all. I can say I know someone with a pet named “Little Bunny Foo Foo”.
    Does he scoop up meecie mice? amazing what I remember.

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